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8 1/2 x 11 perfect bound, 462 pages 20187 (47th annual) edition.
Our Print Version is our most popular version and is certainly the most economical. Great for quickly looking up individual media outlets by category and state. It lists print and broadcast media as described below.
Daily & Weekly Newspaper Directory section:
There are separate sections for Daily, Weekly, Black and Hispanic newspapers. Listings are by state and alphabetically by city. Details include the name of the paper, complete mailing address, phone number, Email address, website, newsroom fax number and circulation figure. Also included are Associated Press (AP) and United Press International (UP) bureaus as well as news services and news syndicates.

Radio & Television Directory section:
There are separate sections for Radio, TV, Black Radio and Hispanic TV stations. Listings are by state and city. For radio, we provide AM and FM call letters, station format (Country, news, religious, talk, etc.), mailing address, Email address, website, phone and fax number. TV details are similar, but instead of format, we denote network (ABC, PBS, etc.) affiliation. Also included are TV/Cable network headquarters, TV/Cable news services, Radio network headquarters and regional radio networks.

Trade & Consumer Magazine Directory section:
Magazines listings are broken down into 115 categories, such as Banking-Finance, Water Sports, Dental Trade, Photography, etc. Details include address, phone, fax, Email address, website, publisher, frequency, circulation, editor name and a brief readership description.

Click here to view SAMPLE PAGES from our Print Version.

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